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Codesec can help your business thrive in the digital era with our extensive experience in the IT industry. Let us propel your growth forward with comprehensive solutions and build a successful future together.



Leading the Way in Secure Software Solutions

As a leading software engineering startup in Sri Lanka, we are proud to deliver outstanding secure software solutions to our clients. Our experienced team of engineers is committed to crafting products that exceeds expectations.

In addition to our software engineering expertise, we specialize in cybersecurity, offering robust protection for your critical business assets against the ever-changing threats in the cyber landscape. Our focus is on safeguarding your financial assets with innovative and robust security measures.

This expertise allows us to provide secure, innovative solutions tailored to our clients' needs, underscoring our dedication to excellence and the trust our clients place in us.



Unleashing the Power of Your Business with Comprehensive IT Solutions

Founded in mid-2023, our software startup is dedicated to providing top-tier IT services to our clients. Our founders, who are experts in software product development and cybersecurity, identified a critical gap in the industry that demanded immediate attention. We observed that many software products on the market today are developed with a focus solely on meeting business requirements, often neglecting security considerations. This oversight leads to products that do not adhere to basic security standards, making them vulnerable to attacks that can result in significant financial and reputational damage.

However, given the rapid advancement of technology and the evolving nature of cyber threats, we believe that security must be elevated to a functional requirement. Our mission is to drive change in the industry, ensuring that security is integrated into the core of software development processes. We are confident in our ability to make a significant impact, leveraging our expertise to enhance the security and reliability of software products.



Empowering Your Future in the Digital World

At codesec, we are committed to creating a world where businesses can flourish in the ever-expanding IT industry. Our goal is to be the driving force behind this growth by offering complete IT solutions that unleash the true potential of technology for every organization.


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Established in 2023, CodeSec Global is a software engineering company with a growing global presence, including our operational base in Sri Lanka.

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